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Lipid Systems Sp. z o.o. is an innovative pharmaceutical company that has a unique, patented technology of efficiently closing active substances in liposomes, which makes it possible to manufacture state-of-the-art forms of medicines, medical devices and dietary supplements.
In the innovative process of creating LIPOSHELL® liposomes the natural behavior of phospholipids was used, which form nano-bubbles in aqueous solution and in properly created conditions.

Due to the similarity to natural cell membranes in the body, LIPOSHELL® liposomes are characterized by high structural stability enabling long-lasting and stable closure of active substances in their interior.

It is this similarity to the biological membranes present in the human body that make them non-toxic and biocompatible.

LIPOSHELL® liposomes are the highest quality carriers with high stability and homogeneous in size.

ASCOLIP® high-performance liposomal vitamin C

what are the differences from traditional form?

Thanks to the LIPOSHELL® liposomal technology, ASCOLIP® ensures very high quality of liposomal vitamin C, prolonged and stable encapsulation of vitamin C, protection of vitamin C against degradation-inducing factors (e.g. oxygen, gastric juice, digestive enzymes), easier penetration of vitamin C into the inside of the cell, maintenance of stable, high levels of vitamin C in the target area.


high-performance liposomal vitamin D

Vitamin D contained in the lipid bilayer of the liposomes does not require the use of additional solvents (e.g. vegetable oil) and, unlike the oil formulation, it forms a stable dispersion in water. The manufacturing technology of liposomal vitamin D in VITA-D-LIP ensures that the liposomes are so small that their absorption in the gastrointestinal tract is optimal. The unique LIPOSHELL® technology guarantees that the liposomal form of vitamin D does not contain organic solvents – ethanol.


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